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Hello, I'm Kathy - a Christian and a sinner who has been saved by faith in Jesus by the grace of God. 


I am also an elder with the Avondale Presbyterian Church in Avondale, Pennsylvania and developed and led a two-year, weekly Worship Service called,"My Special Worship Service" for individuals with intellectual disabilities, dementia, people on the autism spectrum, their loved ones and


I have a loving, Christian husband and beautiful, Christian special needs daughter who knows that Jesus is her Lord and Savior and who can recite the Lord's Prayer with feeling and in its entirety.

Every Wednesday, I post a motivational Bible-based 3- to 5-minute video on topics such as 'Kindness,'Biblical Hope,' and 'Self-Control.'  (Go to the Videos Page to see more).  You can also find these posts on my YouTube® Channel.  

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and know that I can never even come close to repaying Him for what He did for me on that cross.  As a result, I am passionate about bringing His Words of love, hope, peace, joy and salvation to those who want to live eternally with Him in Heaven.

I hope you tune in weekly.  Peace be with you! 



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